Justin My Head: HTMHell

Hey everyone, welcome to the very first... thought? for Justin My Head.

(copyright pending!)

Compared to my reviews in CDaCDay, and the ones soon to be in Justin Reviews, These writings are going to be a lot more personal. I intend to treat this part of the site with a lot more nuance than the others.

I've always loved writing down my thoughts, and feelings and shit. I used to keep a diary back in middle and, early high school. I'd call them "brain journals", since they like, came from my brain, I guess.

I might write a thought about that soon. One christmas, my aunt got me a journal, and i tried to keep up with that too.

(but not for long. writing too long hurts my hands, I can't hold a pencil for shit.)

Even recently, I've tried doing a personal video diary with this old camcorder my mom dug out and gave to me. I still try to record those every couple of weeks or so, but it's been a while since my last one.
Maybe when I'm dead my family can take a look at them or something...

I think ultimately a diary is something everyone hopes at least one person will read someday, even if they're gone. It's a nice way to document what's happening with you, and even if you're boring as hell, stuff like that is always interesting to someone out there.


While I'm probably not going to get as personal as those diaries on here, i am going to get a bit close. It's just nice to talk about old memories and whatever shit's going on with me. I have a real bad memory, so methods like these are a great way for me to still be able to look back at days long forgotten.

It's nice. I like to do this.

But nevermind all that, let's talk about html and why coding is on one of the stone tablets.

Now, when I first tried taking on making a Neocities site, I was a little nervous, of course. I've never been very skilled at coding.
Couldn't learn lua, so I gave up on my roblox dev dreams. Learned pretty much nothing when my game dev class in high school tried teaching us python.

we barely did shit. I thought we were gonna learn unity instead :^[

Hell, even on scratch I...

Okay well I made some decent stuff on scratch but anyone with half a brain can.

My point is!! This shit is usually not my strongsuit. But I really wanted to give this a fair shot. Ooh, that tumblr reblog sure was inspiring.

What a poser. They don't even have a neocities site. Get on it!! You freak!!!

So the first thing I wanted to try and do was make my own font for this place. I figured it'd give the site a neat, personal, and unique touch.
Originally, I was gonna go with "Edd's Font" since that seemed hand-written enough. But nahhh I wanna use my own handwriting! Even if usually it's a bit hard to read.

my elementary teachers would always call it "chicken scratch". But I was gonna write real slow-like this time.

So I used the site calligraphr, and after a one time fee, got my font made.

Looking back, I wish I added more characters to it like I was intending to do. Could've had more unicode, more symbols... Oh well. At least I still got that smiley. ☺

I then tried looking up a tutorial for how to use a custom font on neocities.

Then I looked up the number for my local suicide prevention hotine.

Seriously, I don't know where the hell I went wrong. Maybe i'm just bad at following directions? Maybe it was because I tried making my own font instead of downloading one from a website? But none of the tutorials I found worked. I tried sadgrl, I tried martindisk, and then I tried nothing else because there are only two fucking tutorials on how to do this.
but none of them worked. I was going insane. It took me about two days, but after enough fidgeting with my code I somehow managed to get it working.

Day 1 of Justin MyHead

To this day I have no idea what I did that made it work. I don't think I want to.

Another issue I had with my font was the smiley emoticon. When I first started this site, it didn't use the custom character I had saved for it, which pissed me off.
Always one step foward, another back with html sometimes.

If you've read through my changelog you can literally see me try and fix it in real time.
17th of june, I fix it. 2nd of July, I break it because of the side menu. 9th of July, I remove it, ashamed thinking i'd never be able to fix it. 11th of July, I fix it.

It's worked ever since, thank god. If I ever get around to cracking open my font again for more characters, you bet your ass I'm probably gonna add a bunch more unicode emotes as well. They're just a fun thing to include when you're making a font. There's a lot of characters your computer can display, you have no idea.

What else did I have to deal with...

Oh, those ads. You see those two things next to the changelog, the navlink + jesus ad? Yeah, that was a bitch to implement.
For starters, the div for those kept fucking me over, because it'd mess with the areas you were supposed to click on, so the range of the images that were actually clickable were totally fucked. So that took me forever to figure out...

And not to mention just how inconsistent this website looks on anything other than 1920 x 1080. This website looks AWFUL on my old monitor, which is 1680 x 1050.

Look at this shit. Button box gets cut off, navlinks positioning is fucked, sidebar is too close to the page... what the fuck.

You know what else? I have a friend who (supposedly) has a 1920 x 1080 monitor, but on their side the site looks like THIS.

Sooo fucking annoying.
One time I found this code that claimed it could make my site appear the same on all resolutions, but I tried implementing it and it made the site look even worse. so that's cool. I guess no matter what this place will always look a bit off to others.

Hmm. I wonder how people feel about the size of my letters. I just made them bigger than usual bc my monitors so big.
The site's like this so you don't gotta lean forward and press your face against the screen just so you can see what I'm saying. I hate sites that have small ass text for aesthetic purposes.
Also websites that auto play music. And don't tell me "duhhh just mute site" fuck off. I shouldn't have to do that.
You should have your music in a player that I can pause/lower the volume of. If you hardcode that shit into your site, and disallow your visitors from changing it's settings, then you are a bad website-owner-person.

Sigh. Okay. I think that's pretty much everything that can come to mind here.

Thankfully, I've tamed the beast that is html. Kind of. Every feature I wanted is here now at least, so for the most part I can just sit back and write.
And usually if there's a feature I do wanna add, there's a website out there where I can just copy what they did. Thanks, w3schools!
Man, I really oughta make a "credits" page sometime.
Okay, okay, that's it for real now. Thank you for reading this mess of a thought.

And now it passes.