Hey everyone! Welcome to a very impromptu post of Justin My Head.
I'm making this random blog tonight because of some news I'd like to share concerning this site, and my presence on the internet on the internet as a whole.

Don't worry, I'm not quitting.

So in case you guys didn't know (or forgot?), I have a youtube channel. It's something that, while I'm not really sure I'd like for it to be
my full time job, it IS something I'm very
passionate about, and would like to make money from someday. This year, I didn't do a very good job at tending to it though. Mainly just because life has been really kicking my ass as of late.
But just because I stopped uploading didn't mean that I stopped creating. Hell, while I was gone I've created some of my most favorite creations yet, and I even learned how to make a fucking WEBSITE.
But now that I'm back on the yt grind, I realize I'm in danger of abandoning the webzone that helped me grow so much.
The last thing I ever wanna do, is someday leave this place abandoned, having people wander in here years later thinking to themselves:
"Hmm, last update was 6 years ago.
I wonder where this guy is now?"
So, I'm gonna be doing a bit of a redesign here.
Starting like, now, I'm going to be talking about my channel more on here.
Now first of all, I just want to stress that this place is NOT going to be become a glorified link dump for whenever I upload a new video. I very much am going to keep working on new entries for reviews, JMH, and CD a CDay.
It's just that, seeing as how the content I make here isn't really any different than the content I've tried to make for the channel, I don't see why I can't combine the two into a sort of hub for all things me.
It'd be so much more easier for me to just make blog updates here, than pumping out
a 7 minute bore-fest in sony vegas.
So, yeah, that's what's going to happen.
I'm gonna make another seperate section for video progress updates & general youtube stuff so I don't clog up JMH with non-stories.
So I might talk about my channel a bit more than some of you guys were probably expecting.
I hope it won't be too annoying for y'all.
If you care enough to read what I write, then maybe you also wouldn't mind watching
what I edit, right?
But yeah. that's the announcement. Just wanted to push this out there, now that I'm gonna start linking to here under all my videos. All of this was just way too much to fit under a change log note, lol.
I'm gonna end it here. New posts on the way soon, guys. I already have the first Justin Reviews written I just gotta...
Bring it over here.

But now it passes.