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...And scroll down, to figure out how the hell I got all these CD's in the first place.

Okay, that seems like enough space.

Let me take you on a journey through time. A time that began around like... 2009, I think.

My mom and dad had went through a pretty shitty divorce together, resulting in them living in seperate places. My mom had to move to our abuela's house, and my dad? Well, he got some crappy little apartment that we'd visit on weekends. But guys, as a little kid that apartment was the shit. We'd play gamecube on the tv, build legos on the living room table, there was even a pool in the complex that we'd swim in every now and then.

And throughout all of that, the cd collection stood. It stood against a wall in the living room, hidden a little, and it beared witness to all.

I don't know how my dad came to aquire such a collection. Maybe he'd just buy some cd's from his local shop every couple of days when he was younger?

Maybe the collection originally belonged to a friend of his? I have no clue. All I know is that damn cd shelf has stook around for what must've been more than half of my life.

I don't know why my dad never just got rid of them all...

Eventually, my dad got married to another woman.

(Who he also divorced, and uhhh yeah let's not get into that)

Needing more space, my dad decided to move to a pleasant house in the suburbs (Which is where my brother and I live now!) but despite us living here for what has felt like ages, this old cd collection still managed to grow and shift around as the years went on.

I ran out of old photos, so here's some "artistic" interpretations.

After moving, my dad shoved the tower in the corner of our living room, behind our couch and table. It didn't get touched for a long, long time. I remember it being pretty dusty, and fidgeting with it every now and then while waiting for dinner.

So after that long, long, time, my dad did a bit of remodeling around the house in time for our thanksgiving party. and, as decoration (and to make room) he moved the whole tower OUTSIDE, to our backyard.

Granted it made sense. I mean, we didn't even have a cd player by this point, and this tower was heavy guys. So, I understand the logic. But god, those poor cd's...

It stood outside for weeks on end. Gathering more dust, grime, dirt, it was awful. Florida weather sure isn't kind to plastic.

But finally, a couple days before my birthday, I stopped and looked at the cd tower. I thought to myself. I've been seeing all these tiktoks about cd's, and cd players...

Maybe collecting cd's would be a cool hobby?

And so, I dragged the tower back inside at last. My dad let me have it! He jokingly said it counted as my birthday gift.

A lot of the dirt was really stuck on there.

I had to set aside about two days, cleaning each cd case with wet wipes.

After cleaning, I re-arranged all the cd's in order of the ones I want to try out the most, to the least, from top to bottom.

And so, we finally arrive to today. Here's what the tower looks like now. Every cd here was there before, save for the 3 brentalfloss cd's and the "jazz" cd that's actually the second half of a jazz history audio book.

I also feel like it's worth going on a tangent on the basis for "CD a CDay" as well.

Earlier this year, I tried taking a swing at running a media thread on twitter. It's been alright, albeit a bit of a pain to remember and update whenever I watch a new movie or something.

The problem with trying to review the cd's I got on twitter is (As I said in my about page...) the word limit!! So many more opinions, fun facts, and tangents i had to SHELVE just to fit my score under the limit.

Thank god for this website. I can't wait to rewrite my first cd review on here. It's gonna be a blast.

Anyways, did you know this website wasn't the first place I had planned to take those cd reviews?

I was actually thinking about turing it into a small tiktok series, to build up some more attention for my youtube channel. Maybe I could do cut up versions of a review, and promo the full version on my youtube channel? But nah. Blogs kick more ass.

And so, that's all the lore for CD a CDay. I hope you all have a fun time reading (and listening!) along with me.

Okay, c'mon. scroll back up now. Read my review. Read it already? I don't care. Do what I say, websurfer.