Hello! Welcome to Justin My Head.

This website is still under HEAVY MEDIUM construction, but feel free to follow my neocities profile to keep up with updates!

Thank you for your interest. ☺

<======THE BUTTON BOX======>


6/14/24: fixed broken image links. Now ALL buttons display & function properly! HOORAY!!!!! Okay NOW I really need to fix that article.
6/14/24: fixed ALL buttons. Kind of. Some links are still broken but at least they all display correctly... Also added 21 more while I was at it. Next up is fixing those links + Justin Reviews article, THEN maybe I can actually upload something new.
6/13/24: fixed 101 more buttons. It'll stop any day now.
6/12/24: 50 buttons fixed. Erm........YEAH.
4/9/24: Was gonna try and update some more... But screw it. Fixed images on all CD a CDay pages. Only pages with broken images now are The 1st Justin Reviews article (which features over 50+ images in need of fixing) and the button box (come on) so. yeah. Just that one last hurdle and I can finally start adding things to this site, not just fixing. What if I told you I have a draft of a new CD a CDay article just a couple edits away from being posted...?
3/5/24: Instead of fixing more images, I added two new socials to my Online Elsewhere page, and a whole new page under whatever. Win!
3/4/24: my dad raked my internet away for 2 days and now i'm back online. things will never be the same. fixed images on JMH pages. Just realized I need to fix 404 page on every subsect of this site.
3/1/24: fixed sidebar on all major pages, still broken on article pages. also fixed images on misc pages. still a long way to go...
I'm so sorry everyone. Discord, in it's endless thirst for blood has completely and absolutely plundered my site of all of it's silly little images and gifs. It's gonna take me a while to fix nearly EVERY SINGLE DAMN IMAGE LINK on here, so please excuse all the broken images. Currently, all logos, article buttons, entry image, and other misc assets have been fixed, with more on the way. In the meantime though, please just hang in there and watch your step.
6/14/23: replaced one of the placeholder promo images for the other sites. need to make it only animate on hover. will do later...
5/29/23: Added two (2) webrings & fixed long broken 404 page. See that guy on the bike? He used to shake around, but I broke it. but now I FIXED it. And it only took me more than half a year.
5/27/23: Resized buttons. Now the rows aren't uneven! You're welcome...
5/25/23: hooouugghhh. jesus christ. spent all day updating this site and it shows!! NEW landing page, will be adding better graphics for other sites later. NEW images in latest JMH, NEW buttons and. um. that should be it. look it was a lot for ME okay
5/24/23: omg hiiiii. hiiii happy anniversary to ME. one whole year on neocities and guess WAHT new jmh to go along with it goooo check it out the text is done though i will be adding images and whatnot to it LATER though i slept for two hours and also had to go to work sooooo see u in a lil bit haha ☺
3/29/23: finally updated my About page after like. a year? close to a year? It's been a long time is the point I am trying to make
3/28/23: I return after 2 weeks to fix some misplaced preview text & a typo in JMH3. You're welcome!
3/11/23: just another small update. christ, remember how I used to do those? Added missing image to latest JMH and also an addendum that I couldn't find anywhere else to put. do you remember how we used to run? do you think you're better off alone?
3/11/23: added 15 or so new buttons and changed y2k graphic. Now that's a button too, and in it's place is a pretty cool ad. I was going to do more stuff, but somehow this took me all night to accomplish. I'll add the rest of the stuff I wanted to do later, I'm supposed to be having breakfast at Denny's in 3 and a half hours. Fun!
3/4/23: UPDATE DONE!! UPDATE FUCKING DONE!! Updated Archive pages for a much more stylish look, polished up new JMH (NOW you can all go read it.) and added like, 20+ buttons. Never ask me for anything ever again.
3/3/23: new JMH is out. it's out now. it's all primed and ready and ribbed for your reading pleasure. go look at it. I stayed up all night for no fuckin reason. It's 12:30 pm and my arms are aching. After my eternal slumber I'll come back to add the rest of the shit I was orginally going to add alongside this, but i am really, really fucking tired. see you all in a couple of hours.
3/2/23: hoouugghhh. ok. hi. I made and added a image to the current latest jmh that i've been meaning to put in ever since it's upload. I have a lot more shit that i am going to do but I am very tired so tomorrow will be the day it all drops. but now i rest, dreaming of asset making and copy-pasting.
1/2/23: I added a missing rating in the latest JR, changed the logo back to normal, and wrote half an article for JMH. I think that's noteworthy enough to jot down, right?
12/9/22: 1st Review is finally finished!! go read it!! go go gooo!! Now that I FINALLY have an aritcle for each series on my site now, it's time to push for advertising. Gonna make a navlink ad, gonna make a button (finally) and really just gonna start kicking work on this site into overdrive. maybe while working on that stuff, i'll fix some minor errors in the meantime. layout issues, minor edits to previous articles, etc. But this really is quite the milestone for the site, guys. I'm real jazzed.
12/6/22: 1st Review is mostly done. All text has been properly formatted, so techincally you COULD read it all now... but I still need to add all the images. So I'd prefer if you didn't. Hopefully it'll finally be finished by tomorrow.
12/5/22: Happy holidays! Main pages icon has been changed, now I'm wearing a lil beanie. I was gonna add some snow or something to the background, but i am dead tired. I also couldn't really format the whole new justin reviews page so pleasseeee don't look at it. it's not done. I'll try and work on it some more tomorrow.
11/22/22: Heyyyy everyone. It's been two weeks, ouch. Sorry. Buuuut I uploaded some videos to the video tube. And I talked about it on JMH. Check it ouuuut. I am tired.
11/2/22: The halloween curse was lifted, but the "cool people and cool places" name change stays. Still working on those new posts, hang in there jmhbros.........
10/31/22: Aaaiiieeee!! W-W-W-What happend to all of my buttons?! (New Justin My Head soon, definitely new Justin Reviews after. Happy Halloween!)
10/24/22: This is it. The end all be all of pointless updates. Never has one man added so much useless crap to a website in one sitting, but now there has. This man. Added: Visitor counter, Imood widget, y2k gif (couldn't think of anything funny to link it to), AND we finally have a guestbook. It's under the new page "Whatever", which you can find through the sidebar. Also FINALLY fixed that weird bug with the tweet image on the about page.
I am pretty satisfied with all the "work" I got done today. But I'm left with a devastating realization. I don't have anything else to dick around with now, so now the next update HAS to be a justin review's update. Buckle up everyone. Soon I'll be delivering some actual content for once.
10/14/22: Ahh, what a wondeful little update. Fixed the webrings, so now both arrow buttons are functional. Hello if you're finding the site through that! Also added 2 new widgets. First, that little "free computer" ad. Click on it, you'll, oigh, get a new computer. And second, a BannerLink ad! Now I got both known neocity ads going on my site. Pretty cool. But SideLink Ads when? Lastly, put in about 15 or so new buttons, I think. Next up? Uhhh... Well I still need to do that review. But I kind of want to implement a guestbook... Hrmmm....... I'll get back to you on that.
10/9/22: Alright well, I got the webrings going. Hotline and Retronaut. Kind of, anyway. For some reason, you can't click on the next buttons very well. Gonna have to ask around for help, lest i turn back to the fiverr guy again. *shudders* Hopefully next update will make those functional. Also more buttons on the way. I've stumbled upon some hoards recently and you guys already know I just can't control myself around them.
10/6/22: Hello. I come back, bearing useless widgets you can click on. Enjoy. You also might've noticed those two little odd gifs. That's where my webring buttons are gonna go. I'm trying to figure out how to have text over them that you can click on atm though. I am totally spent, so I'll try and add those in the future. At the moment of writing this, it is t-minus 4 hours and 44 minutes until the world witnesses a Mario voiced by Chrisp Rat. May god be with us all.
9/21/22: Before I do that JR article, I actually wanna add some more useless crap to the site. And what could be more useless than MORE BUTTONS!! two whole rows, you're welcome. Something I changed under the hood was port all the buttons to be hosted on a private discord server. A site I was sourcing a lot buttons from was going down a couple times which made me realize just how easily I could've lost a bunch of these. So this had to be done! All the URL's changed... How boring. But necessary. Up next I have some more graphics I wanna add alongside some other widgets. Maybe I'll join a webring! Who knows.
9/15/22: OHHHhhhh kay. It's done. It's finally done. I payed the guy extra to help with the layout fixes and everything is fine now. I mean, some stuff still looks a little weird but I really cannot be arsed to fix it. You mfs are gonna have to pay ME if you want all those consistencies ironed out... But anyways that is the end of this infamous display bug as far as I'm concerned. (oughhh god i forgot abt the about page. fuck it i'll do that later, that whole page needs a revision now anyway.) Now it's on to finally making that first JR article. Then maybe I can finally make the next CDaCDay! Boy, who would've thought being a webmaster would keep me this busy...
9/13/22: Oh, right. Forgot to make a new changelog. I paid a guy to fix the inconstant layouts whenever this site's on a different ratio. Now nothing gets cut off! Bad news though, this broke the positioning of all the images on the rest of the pages. Like I said, always one step foward and another back with html :/
9/6/22: Okay, NOW the first JMH is out. Go read it. Read it in all of it's glory. I've also added a "date" column to the archive pages. Well, I forgot to do JR's, but who cares. It's off to work on the first Justin Review. What to take a look at first...
9/5/22: The first JMH is...NOT OUT!! Please don't read it yet, it's missing an image and needs to be reviewed for spelling/grammar mistakes. I'll let you guys know when it's decent enough to look at. Anyways uh... You guys saw dokodemo came back? Very cool. Kind of wish I held onto his button now. Now I gotta wait til he brings back the site fully. Whenever that's gonna happen...
9/1/22: Mafia is free to keep on steam from september 1st-5th. Get it, it looks cool. I'm gonna give it a shot. Anyways, changed one of the buttons to an updated look. In other news, first JMH is done, but it's not up just yet! I'll see about adding it to the site tomorrow. I'm tired and still need to gather all the assets needed for it.
8/30/22: Added a button and re-arranged some others. Also removed another and updated Navlink code, rip dokodemo :( Lastly, work has begun on first JMH entry, so be on the look out for that. That's all for now.
8/25/22: Most of my college issues have been resolved! I just didn't want to leave you guys hanging on that. Anywho, I finally got those archive pages out. Free at last! That's pretty much the last thing I had to do for the site, UI wise. And once I get articles out for JMH and JR, I'm gonna start advertising this site more. Navlink/Bannerlink, Linking this place on and in my videos, I'll even get around to making a button soon! Things are really coming together now, and I could not be more excited to put out some more stuff for you guys. staaaay tuned. EDIT: also added some more buttons. I am so sorry. These things are like crack.
8/20/22: I stayed up until 8am to resolve a problem with my college as soon as possible. So that's fun. Anyways, I added more buttons. And i switched one of them out, but I'm not telling you which one. hee hee. EDIT: they could not solve my problem so now i need to wait until monday.
8/18/22: Alright! Y'all can read the first CDaCDAY article now! Note that the music player doesn't follow you when you scroll. I just could not for the life of me figure out how to make it so. //and yes, I tried position:sticky >:^[ // Anyways, now it's off to work on the archive page for sure. I really wanna get that out the way.
8/17/22: I was able to make it to that orientation after all. Things will be alright. Anyways, tweaked some buttons and the first CDaCDAY is out now!! Kind of. I'm still missing one or two assets but I'm tired and wanna go to bed. So, my advice is to restrain yourself for another day or two so you can read it the way I intend it to be read. But hey, if you can't contain yourself, you can go ahead I guess. Once that review's topped off, it's off to work on the archive pages. And then I'll see about getting a Justin My head out next! Or a reviews... ahh!! I'm excited. :^]
8/14/22: (I updated the site past midnight last time, so that's why it looks like these were both done on the same day.) Added the rest of those buttons. Definitely going to work on that review tonight. Maybe.
8/14/22: Well, I WASb> gonna work on that cd review tonight... But i came across a massive button archive and y'all already know I just couldn't resist LOL. Gonna add the rest I found tomorrow. Today's #rememberfreeman! *gman voice* i will see u up ahead. bitch. fker
8/13/22: ohhh my god i am so fucking tired. I added 3 new things to the site's main landing page. a navlink spot (finally) another fake ad, and a twitter feed embed. other than re-writing the welcome message soon, this part of the site is pretty much done. very cool. very glad neocities fixed the slow ass updating from the last few days. it was really getting on my nerves. i'm going to go sleep forever now bye
8/10/22: I couldn't make it to that seminar, now I have to go to the one on thursday. But hey, I added all the buttons I wanted! Yahoo!
8/8/22: Remember when I said I was gonna write that review? ha! HA HA. I added a buttons box. also now the changelog's border color blends better. I was too lazy to change it when i first plopped it in lol. Oh yeah, I figured out how to get rid of that empty chunk of space at the end of CD a CDay's main page. That's nice. I have to attend a mandatory college seminar in a day. I am very tired.
7/30/22: Fluffed up the other pages. Now they all have fancy squares that lead nowhere! Website's finally starting to come together, I think. Damn, I need to find somewhere to dump all my buttons. ANYWAYS. Next update will be the first CD a CDay review. Maybe. Probably. I don't know.
7/25/22: Remade "Socials" page AGAIN. I accidentally deleted it. That was hell. Also added fake ads around CD a CDay, check them out. You can't click on them, though. I don't know what to work on now. Probably furnish the other pages. We'll see.
7/23/22: Made a "Socials" page. Now you guys can find my twitter, my youtube, and all my other social media accounts that you'll never bother keeping up with! I don't know what page i'll work on next. Gotta get that first CD review out, but I'd also like to furnish JMH's and JR's main pages too. Decisions, Decisions...
7/16/22: Created CD a CDay's main page! Mostly. I still wanna add fake ads/navlink around the page. But I am tired. I'll see about actually writing the first review soon. Thank you for your patience.
7/15/22: Tweaked "Navigate" button to follow you whenever you scroll down. That took me a bit to figure out. Also, CD a CDay's getting their homepage first. You can check out the progress I've made so far using the side bar link!
7/11/22: Changed logo for Justin Reviews. I'm tired, and my brother's taking me to that new thor movie that came out tomorrow. But who cares about that? I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE THE UNICODE SMILEY WORK AGAIN!!
7/9/22: Main pages are finally established! They're all under construction, but hey, you can look at them now! Check out those snazzy logos. Also didn't add a back button in favor of just putting a "home" button in the side menu. Hopefully that's cool with you guys? Removed unicode smiley bc I can't figure out how to fix it :( Oh yeah, the site has an icon now. YIPPEE!! WHIPPEE WAHOOO
7/4/22: At last, an About page. Check out the side menu to access it! No back button yet though, use your browser.
7/2/22: Behold! A navigational side menu to help websurfers coast through the website easier. Isn't it beautiful? Check out those little gifs. I drew those. I also updated the 404 page, check it out. I broke the unicode smiley though. rip :(
6/17/22: I got rid of that template I was borrowing in favor of easier customization. It was a very good decision. Now I finally have all the text in the center! That was a bitch to figure out. I've also figured out how to do image alt text (try and guess where it is lol. oh yeah, the unicode smiley works now. I don't know what i did that made it work but i am not going to try and find out) AND, the changelog has a box now! A scrollwheel should pop up once it gets too big for it, which rules!! THREE CHEERS FOR FREE HTML RESOURCES!!!!
5/27/22: The website has finally gained some semblance of style! A logo appears, alongside pretty much nothing else. work on a scrollbar for the changelog + more awaits.
5/24/22: Justin My Head is born! After two days of PAIN I figure out how to implement my custom font. Kind of. The unicode smiley i wrote doesn't show up, but I'm working on that.