CD a CDay: Day 1

[93 Million Miles]

Please press the play button on that music player down there! Then you can listen with me.

Hey everyone. Welcome to the very first CD a CDay review!

(took me long enough...)

Now, like I said in this page's about, The next 8 CD's are ones I already listened to for my old media thread. So, I'm gonna try and not retread any old ground too here.

but with that out the way, Let's talk about this album!

93 million miles is both the name of the band and this disc. I don't know what the significance of that number is. I tried googling it and apparently that's about how far the earth is from the sun. But this album has hardly anything to do with our solar system!

I'd describe this cd as very like, punk? There's quite a harsh vibe throughout it, it's lyrics talking about being cogs in the machine, and having to work for the man. Y'know, all that jazz.

But before we dive into the songs, let's talk about the cd itself.

So, here's what the case & cd looks like:

And, since I'm feeling nice, here's what the included paper says on the inside.

It's lyrics! What a surprise.

There's also a bit a of fun lore at the bottom right. Like how apparently the first three songs were recorded in 1997, but the last two were done a year before that.

(which is weird, because file explorer dates these tracks all being created on 12/31/1994. Probably a glitch?)

I also appreciate how they "strongly suggest revolution in all shapes and sizes."

But anyways, I don't really know much about this band. Apparently, there are about two guys of importance in it. Dennis Lyxzen, the lead vocalist, is some Swedish hardcore punk guy. I guess he's moderately popular-THE FUCK?

"Lyxzen provides the singing vocals for the character Johnny Silverhand in the 2020 video game Cyberpunk 2077." -Wikipedia

...Huh. Okay, guess he's a little more relevant than I thought.

The other guy, Jon Brannstrom, was in the band Refused, which Dennis was also in. Well, he used to be I guess. During a reunion tour, they fired him. Sucks to suck, Jon.

But anyways, this is what we're left with. A very obscure Swedish based punk album (or more like an EP, I guess) consisting of five songs, and that's it. This is the band's only ever release. I guess it was more of a side project for Dennis than anything else?

So, how does it stack up?


Punk's never really been a genre that I'm super into, so, yeah, I'm not really into this one a whole lot. It does have some odd ones out in it though.

My favorite track has to be We Could Be, which for a punk album, is surprisingly uplifting and pleasant. Sort of this wistful feeling throughout it, I dig it.

My least favorite track is This Party Sucks. Just really like, noisy. And Miserable. It blows.

I think a close second, is One Day. Which is also pretty nice.

I don't really care for the others.

All in all, 93 million miles is a fairly alright album for me, but I don't see myself going through the whole thing every now and then. I'll probably only be listening to my favorites from it. 93 million miles is surprisingly on spotify, usually fluctuating between 13-15 monthly listeners.

It depends whether I felt like listening to them that month or not, lol.

Funnily enough, Campsite Closed is the most listened track on there, which is my 2nd least favorite. None of these are past 10,000 plays yet though.

Something pretty crazy I found out is that you, yes you, can still easily purchase a copy of this album. Under the Merch section, you can find a website that's still selling brand new copies of the disc for about 7.99, plus shipping. 6.99 at the time of writing this, I don't know how long that sale's gonna last.

(probably forever, because who the hell is clamoring for another copy of this?)

I honestly really want to buy one from the site out of morbid curiosity. Do you think it'd still come with the sticker? Would it be shrink wrapped?

But anyways, that's all I gotta say on this one. I give 93 Million Miles a 3/5. It was alright, I guess!

Thank y'all very much for reading. I'm gonna go work on that archives page now.