Justin My Head, 5/27/22

Hey, everyone. It's me, Justin. Obviously.

Today is a very special day here on neocities...

Wanna know why? Because as of today, it has now been one. whole. year. of me working on this site.

It's weird, honestly. I can't even begin to name how many projects I've picked up, just to lose interest in them in a couple of weeks or so.

The fact that I'm still here is just astounding to me, really.

I've come across many sites on here that have gone without updates for months, sometimes years. Just people who came here, made a cool litle place, but one day just took their leave, never to be seen again. To seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night...

(that was a simon and garfunkel reference.)

And I mean... I dunno. In the back of my head I always thought that was the same fate my site was going to meet too.

Justin My Head, 6/17/22

But here I am. One whole year later.

I really appreciate your guy's support. Every follow, comment, reply. I treasure them all greatly.

Even if none of you seem to know I also have a guestbook that'd love some signings, I can look past it.

Because you guys are still just so great.

Anyways, I don't want to spend this ENTIRE article self-fellating myself.

I figured this occasion would be a great time for me to pull the curtain back and show off a bunch of cut content for all the articles I've written so far,

and also share some cancelled ideas, stories, maybe even some future plans?

Justin My Head, 7/2/22

So, yeah. Let's go, I guess.

Uhhh, starting from the beginning, my first article was actually the first CD a CDay post.

I think from the get-go, CDaCDay has always been my most popular series. I always keep getting comments asking for more.

I wanna make more of it too!! It's just been really hard for me to kick off the next episode for some reason, and I don't really know why.

It's probably just the lack of hype around it for me, honestly.

Like I mentioned on CDaCDay's main page, I already reviewed a couple albums before I started the site up.

Having to go back to these albums that I'm already familiar with just kind of bore me, and all I can think about is how much more fun I'd have skipping the ones I've already listened to and trying the ones I haven't even touched yet already.

No matter how strong the urge though, I promise all of y'all I'm not skipping a single disc on that rack.

Some day the next post will come out... some day.

Anyways, after that I made my first JMH. It was about me learning html. Looking back, this was a real shit post. and not like, meme shit post I mean this sucked ass.

Justin My Head, 7/11/22

Just a very scattered, pointless ramble of my frustrations with coding up to that point. ...Which, in retrospect this article also isn't very organized either but WHATEVER

My site's mostly in a pretty stable spot now, but really that's thanks to code I got from some guy that I paid to help me out.

That's right. I paid a fucking guy to fix my site. I still can't help but feel a tinge of shame whenever I think about it.

But I mean, whatever. Like hell was I going to have my site look like crap for months while I bumbled around discord servers looking for people who'd want to help for free...

I think it was worth it.

Justin My Head, 8/8/22

Shit. I never made that "credits" page. Should... probably get on that. sometime.

After that, I made a fairly useless JMH. Something about using the site to talk about my youtube channel more..?

I definitely want to make a little youtube section still, but I don't really want to give it as much forefront as the other series I'm doing here.

Eventually I'll get on writing bts stuff for the channel, but when I do, you'll probably only be able to find them under the "Whatever" tab.

It didn't take until my 3rd JMH to actually write something of substance; The tale of me and Sedna's world: Penguin's Arena.

Not only was this the first JMH I wrote that actually received one or two compliments, it's actually a post most of my friends have told me they read through, and thought it was interesting.

One of my friends even found penguins arena SO thrilling in fact, they changed their icon to a penguin, bought a copy for themselves, and then got about 9 more for their friends.

We... haven't really played a match yet, though. They tried playing the game on the steam deck and it had. not very good results.

(actual footage of how the game looked while running)

I'm still quite proud of this article, although there were one or two things I had to cut.

Like, I hated how I had to kind of shove in the fact that Penguins Arena had an episode on OneyPlays at the end because I couldn't find a way to fit it in anywhere else.

Or how I didn't even mention the digital goodies you can still get from the site, like print-outs and backgrounds.

Fun fact, I made an edit of one of them to be 1920 x 1080. You can grab it here!

I have it as my lockscreen background. ☺

Ugh, I really wish I made more emoticons with this font while I still could've. I also wish I did the numbers better.

You guys ever notice that? How the numbers in this font are thicker than the letters? I think I fucked up and accidentally used a bigger brush for them. Whups.

I got a job now, so maybe soon i'll bite the bullet and fork over the cash to Calligraphr so I could crack this font open again and edit it some more.

...Oh yeah, and I made a stunning 1 article(s) for Justin Reviews.

It's dumb, but I just can't really find anything to write for it.

If it's something I like, I'll put it on my media thread, and if it's something I have a lot to say about, I'll probably make it into a video.

I haven't really found something that hits that sweet spot for me where I'll write an article for it instead.

I'm gonna go see the mario movie soon. Maybe I'll do a writeup on that? Who knows...

For now, JR is honestly the last thing I want to work on around here.

That should cover all that I've written. 5 articles over 365 days. That sucks. I really oughta up my output this year.

Especially since we're about to be half way through with 2023 already.

Christ! almost halfway through!! what the fuck!!

Time sucks.

Justin My Head, 8/10/22

Anyways now that we're done looking back, It's time to squint our eyes and attempt to see what lies on the horizon.

I think I see... Uh... What is that, a bird? Like a seagull or something?

...nnno, nah. nevermind. way too small to be a seagull. Might be a pigeon i think.

Justin My Head, 5/24/23

New CDaCDay articles are definitely a priority for me. Ideally that'd be the next article I roll out.

But I'd also love to do more JMH pieces, since I just love to jab about shit that's happened to me.

Most likely you guys'll get more JMH. They're just too much fun to write sometimes.

There's also other pages I still have to make for this site, like again, the credits one.

But also, I've been making 88x31 buttons every now and then, and I'd love to have a spot to host them on here.

some of the buttons I've made are actually on the button box... Try and guess which ones are mine.

I also need to make a new landing page. Something I've barely touched on is the fact that I've opened two other neocities accounts, one to show off my ocs and world building, and the other to gush about half-life.

The hyperfixation that just won't go away for me...

It'd be cool if I could make a page so when you visit the site it gives you all the disclaimers it needs while also pointing visitors to my other works.

Maybe that landing page might already be here by the time you're reading this...

I work in mysterious ways. :smiling_imp:

That's all I have off the top of my head. Thanks for a year of fun. Let's see if we'll make it to two.

and now it passes.